The haul of challenging connections

Bleach of Lavant had a clear vision to move its operations forward - but without the increased performance of an SD-WAN solution using Multipath Ethernet delivered by Evolving Networks, all routes were restricted

Bleach of Lavant is a Sussex based, family run, road-haulage Company with a fleet of more than 100 trucks and trailers. Started in 1921, the business is now one of the largest transporters of horticultural plants in the UK. The company also has a large palletised goods delivery business through its membership of the Palletforce Network.

A critical part of its operation involves uploading proof of delivery images and downloading label images through the Pallet Network cloud app so they can collect palletised goods from customers and deliver pallets within the UK. The label images allow the pallets to be scanned and tracked throughout their journey.

ADSL capacity at the Arundel office had been poor, mainly due to its isolated location; 30 employees were accessing just one ADSL line which was achieving 10Mbps download and 0.5Mbps upload speeds. With no failover and this limited bandwidth, employees were suffering from slow and unreliable internet performance. Bleach of Lavant was also looking to implement a new transportation system to allow its drivers to upload information using their mobile devices and sending it back to the office in real-time: this wasn't going to be possible with just one 10Mbps ADSL line.

Bleach of Lavant was also experiencing performance issues at its Chichester site because of an unreliable VPN link to Arundel: this also made it very difficult to access CCTV streams.

Jonathan Freestone, IT Services Provider to Bleach of Lavant, contacted Evolving Networks to provide a Multipath Ethernet over FTTC solution at the Arundel office to support the new transportation system. Leased lines were out of the question due to their expense in such an isolated location. The company also wanted to reduce issues with the VPN and share data between the sites in a more seamless way.

Freestone explains that, "Evolving Networks implemented a multipath ADSL and FTTC solution at Arundel. This increased user upload speeds five times over, and boosted downloading speeds to 60Mbps. Employees can now download information and print off pallet labels with no interruption to service and drivers can upload information to the office in real time."

With one problem solved, Evolving Networks deployed a fully managed SD-WAN solution, delivering a layer 2 link between Arundel and the Chichester office to solve the connectivity issues between the sites. This solution increased the resiliency and performance of the link between offices. The SD-WAN software allows traffic to be prioritised so that there is no interruption when bandwidth demands are made on the network.

The Evolving Networks SD-WAN as a Service solution delivers their proprietary Intelligent Network Fabric software over a unique, multi-VNO access network. Operating above the level of the ISP, Evolving Networks can route around problems that affect all circuit types, even leased lines, which are typically more prone to network or platform level issues than physical faults.

The seamless integration software and infrastructure enables Evolving Networks to control every data packet, ensuring that traffic is prioritised, delivering a high-quality experience for end users. Other benefits include TCP optimisation, compression and zero-touch QoS.

High performance connectivity and resilience Freestone reflects that "The Evolving Networks SD-WAN has allowed us to manage traffic between sites, and we haven't experienced any downtime since implementing the SD-WAN in February 2018."

Nick Johnson, CEO at Evolving Networks adds, "We've been providing aggregated connectivity for the past 10 years. As a result, there isn't a connectivity challenge we can't solve. Whether it's a multipath solution built on ADSL, FTTC, leased lines and now FTTP and, our experience in the industry and our unique combination of connectivity and SD-WAN solutions makes anything possible." NC