Funded IoT Accelerator Packs for councils across Scotland

Councils across Scotland are to be offered free intelligent lighting, waste management, air quality and social housing solutions trials, potentially transforming the ways in which local communities live and work through access to real time, insightful data.

The funded IoT Accelerator Packs and access to the Scottish Government backed national IoT network, IoT Scotland, will be offered to councils across the country, allowing them to investigate and evaluate the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).  

Working with each council, North, the UK’s leading IoT service and solutions provider, will host workshops to determine the services which will benefit most from smart solutions within each local authority area to create safer, more productive communities and environments, and deliver sustainable energy saving solutions and cost efficiencies.  

With councils set to benefit from a free 12-month trial, intelligent lighting will help the organisations reduce their carbon footprint and operational costs using real time data to monitor lighting requirements, while the installation of smart bins will align waste collection frequency with demand, significantly reducing costs and emissions.   

The ability to measure air quality either within council buildings or across a busy town centre will provide an insight into the scale of the problem and a means to measure the effectiveness of any steps taken to improve it. Similarly, the use of sensors within social housing will improve living environments, ensuring parameters such as moisture control and ventilation are adequate and monitored ensuring a healthy living environment for tenants whilst also protecting the fabric of the building.

There will be no cost to the council for the sensor-based solution provided, with deployment and support fully funded by North. The ‘IoT Accelerator Packs’ will comprise of sensors and the back-end services required to deploy the selected solution, along with professional services to liaise with the council’s appointed contact to facilitate the rollout, before evaluating and capturing feedback.  

IoT Scotland is the UK’s most advanced IoT network and it is hoped that through the ‘IoT Accelerator Packs’, councils will realise the benefits insightful and actional IoT data can deliver, driving the adoption of IoT technologies and smart solutions to revolutionise the lives of people throughout Scotland.

  One council already adopting IoT technology through the IoT Scotland network is the Highland Council, with schools, care homes, leisure centres and council offices amongst those being transformed into smart buildings. Through the use of smart IoT sensors, data and insights captured from within council buildings include the monitoring of CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, ventilation, energy consumption and light levels, and are set to reduce costs and carbon emissions, whilst improving the environment for young people, elderly care home residents, members of the local community, and council staff.  

Alasdair Rettie, Group Technical Director at North, said: “Scotland is leading the way in the use of IoT and as we look to the future, the adoption of smart solutions, from our largest cities to our most remote villages, will connect communities across the country to enhance operations and existing systems.  

“IoT technology has the power to truly transform our lives, from revolutionising the ways in which we work, to ensuring that we live in safe and healthy environments, with the ability to access real time data which allows us to make informed decisions to improve services across communities.

  “The use of such solutions within councils provides extensive opportunities and a vast number of benefits, and we are thrilled to be able to provide councils with this unique experience to see the potential unlocked through the application of our ‘IoT Accelerator Packs’.

  Scottish Government Connectivity Minister, Paul Wheelhouse MSP, said: “Across Scotland, the Scottish Government funded IoT Scotland network plays a unique role in offering cost effective sensor solutions to a range of applications which will make a huge difference to public service delivery, people’s homes and working life.