Network Computing Awards 2020: Testing / Monitoring Product of the Year

Winner: NetAlly — EtherScope nXG
Runner up: Netreo — Netreo (formerly OmniCenter)

Deploying and maintaining Wi-Fi and wired network infrastructure without the right tools can be daunting… and costly. The EtherScope nXG enables engineers and technicians to get more done faster, from deployment to maintenance and documentation of their Wi-Fi and Ethernet access networks. The winner of Network Computing Magazines Award for Best Testing/Monitoring Solution, the EtherScope nXG is the first Android-based wired and wireless network analyzer. It has a dedicated set of Ethernet and Wi-Fi management interfaces which support remote control and additional testing. Android apps, downloaded from the complimentary "Link-Live" Cloud Service, can use these interfaces for testing and communication purposes.

A lightweight, handheld, multi-function tester, EtherScope is perfect for remote site validation and troubleshooting, eliminating the need to purchase multiple testers, and the need to carry a fragile laptop PC or tablet. Android apps make the user's workflow more efficient, by expanding instrument use beyond testing, allowing the user to check trouble tickets, run speed tests, configure networked devices, and more with its smartphone-like features. EtherScope nXG has been recently enhanced by the addition of the AirMapper Site Survey app which can quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi measurements to create visual heat maps in the Link-Live Cloud Service.