Progress introduces Integrated Log Management in WhatsUp Gold 2021

New release adds simple, integrated syslog and Windows log management within the same interface

Progress has announced the latest release of Progress WhatsUp Gold, the award-winning network monitoring software. With today’s release, WhatsUp Gold adds integrated log management,third-party monitoring and management via outbound REST APIs and improved reporting—making it easier than ever to find and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Today, networks must be able to handle more traffic moving in more directions from more devices, including physical and virtual devices, switches, routers, wireless access points, firewalls, cloud resources, services and applications. While each new connection provides added capabilities, they also create new potential vulnerabilities that network professionals need to manage, often through a myriad of tools and technologies.

Integrated Log Management
WhatsUp Gold 2021 introduces intuitive, integrated log management capabilities for tracking and alerting on syslog and Windows log events. Users can monitor, filter, search and alert on logs for every device in their network while also watching for meta trends like log volume changes. All of this is done within the same industry-leading interface that makes troubleshooting with WhatsUp Gold easy. The result is the ability to manage syslog and Windows log events and alerts the same way users monitor the rest of the network and with the same customisable dashboards and reporting.

“WhatsUp Gold 2021 adds easy visibility and management of device log data—all integrated into an industry-leading interface. It’s a huge step up for us, in terms of being able to decipher what’s going on in our network,” said Christopher Gerochi, IT Coordinator II, City of Pleasanton, California. “We can now sift through log entries quickly to find which device is causing alarms and act instantly—and it’s all conveniently available from a single pane of glass.”

Additional WhatsUp Gold 2021 capabilities and features include:

Outbound REST APIs
WhatsUp Gold’s inbound REST API support has been expanded to include outbound REST APIs. An extensive suite of outbound REST API calls lets users leverage REST to provide information to WhatsUp Gold from other third-party systems. This extends integration to the application level, making it simple to seamlessly integrate functionality with third-party applications like Salesforce, Office 365 and others. In addition, inbound REST API calls allow users to automate workloads by extracting specific data from WhatsUp Gold or inputting information from a separate system or script.

Faster, HTML-Based Reports
WhatsUp Gold reporting has been optimised for HTML and email, resulting in much faster and more useful report generation. This includes WYSIWYG outputs that incorporate hyperlinks and are easier to share.

“The pandemic has disrupted when, where and how we work. More than ever administrators need a single tool they can trust with their network infrastructure,” said John Ainsworth, SVP, Core Products, Progress. “With the integration of log management in WhatsUp Gold 2021, users now have world-class network monitoring and powerful log management in one easy-to-use solution. The end result is the ability to fix network problems fast, usually before end users notice—which is the holy grail of IT.”

WhatsUp Gold network monitoring software enables small and midsize businesses and enterprises to continuously monitor and manage their IT infrastructure and applications, ensuring high levels of performance and availability. That is why it was named to PC Magazine’s ”Best Network Monitoring Software for 2020” list, and received high marks from publications such as Network Computing UK and PC Pro Magazine - as well as organisations that include G2 and SoftwareReviews, a division of IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group.