BT and University of Warwick enter 5G collaboration

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University of Warwick and Warwickshire County Council are collaborating to bring 5G innovation and co-development to the University campus and the wider region, stimulating regional economic growth and post Covid-19 recovery.

This innovation alliance has enabled BT to switch on the UK's first dedicated public 5G network for a connected campus, bringing ultrafast 5G mobile coverage to University students, staff and visitors across the 720-acre site and to people in surrounding areas through its EE mobile network.

The installation of a public 5G cell site on University of Warwick's main campus will mark the university as an early adopter of 5G technology and a testbed for research, industry and consumer 5G use case development. As a leading research University with over 30,000 students and staff, EE's public 5G network will further enhance Warwick's research and student learning and experience whilst also bringing 5G's faster speeds, reliability and response times to people in neighbouring areas.