A brighter outlook

Editorial Type: Date: 02-2021 Views: 197 Tags: Networking
The Brightstar Group turned to Babble to futureproof its telephony platform and ensure ongoing business resilience

Continuing a long-term relationship with Babble that has helped The Brightstar Group to thrive over the last 4 years, the Cloud Comms, Contact Centre and Cyber technology firm was asked to advise on the best solutions available.

Babble recommended that a hosted solution was implemented at the new premises in the City of London, before being rolled out across the entire three office estate. This would, over time, enable calls to be transferred between locations free of charge, saving the specialist finance company approximately 27% every year on overall call and operating costs.

Babble provisioned dedicated internet connections at each office location, provided call data and recording facilities and introduced mobile twinning applications to allow each of the 70 users at The Brightstar Group to either work from home or remote locations, whilst staying connected to the telephone system - features that could not have been added onto the existing infrastructure without incurring CAPEX costs. Additionally, the new solution provides the firm with added disaster recovery procedures, allowing calls to be re-routed to different offices or individual mobile users, protecting the business from experiencing levels of downtime in case of an emergency.

At a time when business continuity has never been more important, Babble's pioneering solution was implemented in just 2 weeks, with The Brightstar Group able to continue providing business as usual for all of its clients throughout.

As well as supporting its offices in London, Manchester and Billericay, the new telephony platform allowed The Brightstar Group's 70 members of staff to shift to remote working overnight in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. With the rollout and testing completed with ease, Babble's flexible solution enabled the company to continue carrying out mortgage and loan applications with lenders without a dip in performance.

Productivity at The Brightstar Group has also dramatically increased when compared to pre-lockdown, as a direct result of Babble's solutions. 100% of calls are covered by the new remote, call recorded and audited systems, allowing the field-based team to continue handling call centre calls without disruption to clients.

Matt Parker, CEO at Babble, said: "It is not only incredible to have streamlined The Brightstar Group's services, but Babble also ensured that the business could implement flexible working at a time when it has never been so crucial. The pandemic has forced a reset to the way in which we work, providing an opportunity for businesses to emerge in a much stronger position. Overnight The Brightstar Group shifted over 70 staff members to home working in response to the pandemic, with users from three separate offices able to continue carrying out their day-to-day tasks to the utmost standard - a real achievement and an example to others."

William Lloyd, Director of Operations at The Brightstar Group, commented: "Babble's work has been vital in ensuring that The Brightstar Group could thrive during this time of great uncertainty, as well as over the last four years. Remote working has never been so important and the fact that we have been able to support our employees so seamlessly during this period is fantastic. We are extremely thankful for the employees at Babble, whose hard work and dedication has enabled us to restructure and vastly improve our operations."