NetAlly announces industry’s first simultaneous Wi-Fi and wired network mapping

Editorial Type: News Date: 11-2020 Views: 823 Tags: Wireless Networks, Network Infrastructure, NetAlly
Network professionals can now survey their Wi-Fi networks and map their wired and wireless infrastructures with a single “walkthrough”, saving time and gaining unmatched visibility.

In what the company is calling an industry first, NetAlly is announcing a new network topology mapping feature that enables network professionals to simultaneously survey their Wi-Fi networks and discover the wired infrastructure, for automated map generation in their Link-Live cloud service.

Mike Parrottino, NetAlly CEO says, “Delivering new, innovative capabilities in Link-Live is part of our ongoing focus and investment in our software portfolio and providing added functionality and value for our AllyCare premium support customers.”

Earlier this year, NetAlly announced the AirMapper™ Site Survey App for their EtherScope® nXG network analyzer. Using the analyzer’s multi-radio technology and patented discovery engine, users can now actively discover the network’s topology while passively scanning Wi-Fi channels. The instrument then sends the data to the Link-Live cloud service where users can apply filters and map controls to customise the information displayed. One click exports the map to Microsoft® Visio®. Essential mapping functions are available to all EtherScope nXG owners; in-depth map configuration and export is available to customers with the company’s AllyCare premium support.

“Think about the time savings and visibility this provides to network professionals,” says James Kahkoska, NetAlly CTO. “With a single walk around a site, they can measure the Wi-Fi network for coverage and performance, and at the same time gain total visibility of the wired infrastructure supporting the wireless LAN.”

Aside from the unique Wi-Fi survey plus wired infrastructure discovery use model, the mapping function can be used independently anytime the user wants to generate updated network diagrams.

“What is typically a tedious, time-consuming task or a job requiring a separate investment in expensive mapping software is now automated and up-to-the-minute accurate,” Kahkoska says. “Combined with EtherScope nXG’s Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet analysis, network pros now have a single powerful tool for network validation, troubleshooting, and documentation.”

Mapping of wired network infrastructures is also available using the company’s recently introduced LinkRunner® 10G Advanced Ethernet Tester. Coverage with NetAlly’s AllyCare support program activates the network discovery engine on the instrument itself and enables access to full network mapping capabilities in Link-Live.