NetAlly EtherScope nXG

NetAlly's EtherScope nXG sets new standards for network analysis as it delivers a remarkably powerful set of diagnostics and troubleshooting features in a ruggedised handheld device.

Ease of use is another key feature as it runs an Android-based OS, so if you can use a smartphone you'll have no problems with the EtherScope nXG, making it ideal for network technicians and engineers alike.

Wired network features abound as it supports 10GbE copper and fibre, multi-Gigabit NBase-T and Gigabit connections plus it can analyze PoE++ switch ports. For wireless networks, you have integral 4x4 MU-MIMO 11ac capabilities with Wi-Fi 6 11ax device visibility, and a unique feature is its ability to simultaneously display data gathered from wired and wireless networks.

Using the device couldn't be easier as its big 5'' colour touchscreen presents a range of icons for instant access to all tasks. We connected its 10GbE copper port to the lab network and a tap on the AutoTest icon took us to a set of customisable profiles.

Three profiles are provided by default so we could quickly test our wired network for connectivity and device discovery, review Wi-Fi air quality to pinpoint oversubscribed channels or interference and test selected wireless APs. You can easily customise AutoTest profiles, place them in groups and add new ones using the screen's FAB (floating access button).

For Wi-Fi profiles, you simply view the results from the main network discovery app and connect to an SSID where a new profile is automatically created. We also connected the EtherScope to a fibre 10GbE switch port, used the Performance app to test the line rate and ran another app for packet capture.

The AirMapper app can be used for indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi site surveys and creating signal heatmaps. We copied a site map JPEG to the EtherScope using its USB 3 port, created a new survey and took a walk around our site, tapping on the screen to add position datapoints as we went along.

On completion, one tap uploads the site survey directly to the NetAlly Link-Live cloud portal. The view can be filtered to show features such as specific APs or SSIDs and shared with other users that have been invited to join your organisation.

The Live-Link portal is a stand-out service as once you've claimed the EtherScope for your account, you can upload test results and packet capture data. Many test results are uploaded automatically to the portal and all can be used for further analysis and report creation.

It gets better, as the EtherScope can be remotely controlled from Link-Live or via VNC, where you are presented with an exact representation of its screen. This makes it perfect for secure remote site troubleshooting as you don't even need anyone present to run your tests.

The network discovery app provides a complete rundown of every wired and wireless device it finds. You can drill down into each entry for more detail and if errors have been detected, it provides a problem analysis and sage advice on remediation.

The EtherScope can do much more as it can run many other Android apps. Installed from the NetAlly App Store, you have a multitude of choices ranging from remote support and SNMP monitoring to email clients and Office apps.

The powerful NetAlly EtherScope nXG takes network analysis to new levels as it combines a stunning range of diagnostics features with extreme ease of use. It delivers joined up wired and wireless network testing in a single device and teaming it up with NetAlly's Link-Live web portal adds extra versatility, making it a must-have tool for swift network troubleshooting and fault remediation. NC

Product: EtherScope nXG
Supplier: NetAlly
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Telephone: +44 (0)141 816 9600 Price: From $8,250