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Automation of customer interactions, especially sales, is a challenge, one not made easier by diverse communication channels including telephone, email, SMS, Chat and even old fashioned letters - and of course customer expectations

No two organisations are identical and each has its preferred way of working, order, and workflow. While customisation can help, some solutions require specialist skills introducing complexity and causing the solution to lag operations.

Native web application webCRM is served from Azure and using a standard configuration was operational very quickly: data can be imported. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) should be a highly focused endeavour and trying to be all things to all customers will compromise this mission critical task. webCRM is focused, offering a wide range of integrations that support data exchange with other best of class solutions.

Initial configuration depends on requirements but a typical implementation covering customisation and training is around two weeks. The resulting configuration must keep in step with operations and such adjustments were straightforward. From the Configuration page we accessed options including Users, Data Import, License, Drop Down Lists, Custom Fields, Integration and Main Settings. The screen layouts and options were intuitive and with clearly defined requirements, methodically working through them and carefully verifying changes worked well.

The Main Menu offered Home, Customer Service, Activities, Opportunities, Orders and Calendar. This screen can be role based and customised: we had tiles showing Last Search Results, Organisations, Activities, Meetings, Overdue Opportunities, Reports and Charts. The Customer service ticketing system allows cases to be created, linked and managed. A dedicated personal area, also customisable, displayed My Pipeline, Favourites and Reminders. Accessing Utilities, we created new templates and modified existing ones: it was quick and intuitive.

Using the Campaign Management module you can mount, manage and deliver campaigns across all channels, define included contacts and action open and clicked emails. It's possible to design, send and report on a survey. Depending on preferences, functions including Calendar and email can be integrated with Google, Outlook etc. and either way, if required, an activity record maintained.

Using imported data we selected a Customer Record and could view everything relating to that customer, including emails sent and received, pipeline, forecasts, contact data, orders won and lost, linked relations and customer service interactions. Access to content can be restricted based on user profile, team, location etc. and using the Activity screen we could log transactional data from interactions, schedule a call back and set up reminders. Using Permissions, an agent's actions can be handled by a colleague when absent and managers can work from the big picture down to the granular detail to drive business planning.

Some screens, such as Activity, can be busy. By using screen filters to present relevant data fields this was simplified and contextual. This is an example of the dynamic user interaction that is available throughout and such views can be used to compile reports in a range of formats and styles. Creating a report template is easy using drop down options and filters. It can be run manually or scheduled and distributed automatically using defined terms.

Order processing was slick, and contracts can be sent to confirm order details and accepted using a binding digital signature. If required, confirmed orders can be automatically updated in associated accounting and ERP systems.

This flexible solution can evolve into a highly tailored CRM system that faithfully supports an organisation's modus operandi through its customer interactions in sales and service. It's about evolution as opposed to big bang, and most productive when firmly underpinned by clear process and objectives. Best tackled as an ongoing process and organised and managed to deliver, if correctly deployed and managed, webCRM will improve process and communication, adding efficiency, speed and consistency of approach. NC

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